Prayer Requests

The Emmanuel Prayer Group maintains a prayer chain.  Prayer requests may be submitted by anyone.  Once requested, a prayer petition is disseminated by email to prayer group members and other prayer volunteers.  Members then pray that the request be granted.
To submit a prayer request:

  • Email your prayer request to or
  • Call 609 587-1131 Ext. 408 and leave a voice message describing your prayer request.  Please leave a telephone contact number in case clarification of your prayer request is needed.
In order to maintain confidentiality, the Prayer Group follows established guidelines on the release of names and other personal information.  Please obtain permission from the person for whom the prayers are being requested and submit first names only.  If permission has not been obtained, anonymous prayers may be requested.  It may be necessary to modify the wording of a prayer request in order to be sure that it is in accordance with guidelines.
If you wish to be part of our prayer team, submit your name and email address to  Your email will then be added to the prayer chain.
In the years since the prayer chain began, we have witnessed many “miracles” of spiritual, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Prayer Group welcomes feedback on how the Lord has responded to prayer requests.  Please send descriptions of answered prayer to